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Redefining Possible 2nd Edition : Proven Strategies to Break Belief Barriers and Create Your New Normal

Redefining Possible 2nd Edition : Proven Strategies to Break Belief Barriers and Create Your New Normal

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Record-breaking business coach and ultra-endurance athlete Ron Alford provides a proven road map to teach you how to live your most fulfilling life. Inside these pages, you’ll learn practical strategies and tips, from how to sharpen your focus and claim ownership of your past, present, and future to ways you can cultivate confidence and fortify your faith. You’ll also:

√ Discover various techniques for getting unstuck.
√ Identify targeted affirmations to improve your self-talk and break belief barriers.
√ Engage in strategic activities to find your vision and boost your potential.
√ Learn how to positively impact the people around you.

Are you ready to change your life? Your journey to redefining possible starts here.

5.5 x 8.5
224 pages


“People with no vision simply exist. They aren’t going anywhere because they aren’t aware there’s anywhere to go. In Redefining Possible, Ron Alford gives us a road map and tools to help us discover how our vision, faith, and impact work together to create lasting change in our lives. With these strategies, your ‘possible’ will become clear.”

—DAVE RAMSEY, Best-Selling Author and Radio Host

“Ron shares his successful strategies, along with personal and professional stories, to help us all grow and improve our lives. Redefining Possible is a must-read!”

—STEDMAN GRAHAM, Best-Selling Author and Speaker

“The guidebook to achieve greater success in your professional and personal life. Ron shares the specific steps to lead your most fulfilling life!”

—RYAN AZUS, Chief Revenue Officer, Zoom Video Communications

“Within the first several pages of the book, I was overwhelmed by its practical content and personal messaging. Redefining Possible is engaging and life-changing, and it will inspire you to believe that all things are truly possible.”

—BARRY HORN, Executive Vice President, Guild Mortgage

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