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72 Days: Devotions for the Spirit-Filled Leader

72 Days: Devotions for the Spirit-Filled Leader

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Biblical principles and life lessons for spiritual leadership, growth, and guidance.

The Bible is filled with principles and lessons that teach us what it means to truly live for God, and therefore, truly live. These principles are inspirational instructions, that when consciously and actively applied, develop the habits that lead to living a lifestyle of service. Forming habits, however, does not happen overnight. What would happen if you were to work on forming positive spiritual habits into a lifestyle over a longer, specified time period? This book challenges you to take a few minutes each day over 72 days to focus on the principle and verse of the day and apply it to your daily life as you strive to gain the wisdom, humility,inspiration, and motivation each provides.

5 1/4" x 8 1/4" portrait
208 pages

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